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Eurotherm EPC3016 - 1/16 DIN Programmable Controllers (EPC3016/_/VH/L2/..)

Eurotherm EPC3016 - 1/16 DIN Programmable Controllers (EPC3016/_/VH/L2/..)

TMS Stock Code:   PROCON3016#

The Eurotherm EPC3016 is an advanced process controller and the models offered include an 8 segment program, and simple Quick Code setup for easier configuration.
Input:   Universal (TC, Pt100, mA, Volts*)
Output:   1x SSR, 1x Change-over Relay
Digital Communication: Ethernet and ModbusTCP via RJ45(depending on model)
Supply Voltage:   100 to 240 Vac

Prices from:   £ 352


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Price (Ex VAT)Estimated
1 Program, Without Ethernet
352.00 1 - 2 days 4
1 Program, With Ethernet
412.00 1 - 2 days 5
10 Program, Without Ethernet
446.001 - 4 weeks 0
10 Program, With Ethernet
506.001 - 4 weeks 0

Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

The Eurotherm EPC3016 programmable process and temperature controller maximizes efficiency and repeatability and is certified for cybersecurity communications robustness. The controllers combine industry leading control and measurement performance with simplicity of use while remaining highly flexible.

For Timed Program / Profiler (Ramp, Dwell, etc), there is the choice of models: 1 Program with 8 segments or 10 Programs with 24 Segments each.

Sensor Input: Thermocouple, RTD, Linear milliamps, Linear volts, millivolts,
      Thermocouple: Type B, J, K, L, N, R, S, T
      RTD: 2 or 3-wire PT100 / PT1000
      Linear milliamps: 0 - 20mA, 4 -20mA - by fitting 2.49 Ohm external shunt
      Linear Volts: 0 - 10V
      millivolts: 0 - 80mV
      1x Logic (SSR) 12Vdc (Or configurable as Contact Closure Input)
      1x Change-over Relay - Form C (Min 100mA@12vdc, max 2A@264Vac resistive)
Digital Communications: (Ethernet model:) Ethernet and ModbusTCP via an RJ45 socket at the rear
Supply Voltage: 100 to 230Vac, ±15%, 48 to 62 Hz, max 6W
Dimensions (Overall): 48 x 48 x 101mm (WxHxD)
Depth behind panel: 90mm
Panel Mounting: 1/16 DIN, 45 x 45mm (WxH) panel cut-out

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