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Bespoke Noble Metal Thermocouples

Our noble metal thermocouples are intended for use in critical high temperature applications that exceed the limits of metal-sheathed thermocouples. Noble metal thermocouples types, including Type R, Type S and Type B, have conductors made using rare precious metals including platinum. Supplied in bespoke lengths, they cover an operational temperature range 0°C to 1800°C with the option of permanent or adjustable immersion lengths.

In very high temperature applications insulation is the key to durability and stability, at TMS we only use high purity ceramic tubes and insulators, thus helping to reduce the risk of the process environment penetrating the ceramic insulators and shortening the life of the noble metal elements. The increased stability and longer life of our thermocouples improves the control of critical processes, reduces process variation and improves quality!

Metal sheath materials including nickel chrome (253MA), Chrome Iron (446), Inconel 600 and ceramic sheaths. Heat resistant sockets house impervious aluminous porcelain, impervious recrystalised alumina and porous silicon carbide ceramic sheaths at bespoke lengths and various diameters ranging from 5mm to 50mm.

They can be supplied in simplex, duplex or triplex element configuration. Wire diameters rang from 0.15mm up to 0.5mm diameter and all our noble metal thermocouples are supplied with oval recystalised alumina insulators, 50mm, 75mm or continuous. Inner ceramic protection sheaths can be fitted for added protection.

Each probe can be fitted with a cast aluminium head IP65 rated weatherproof or standard flip top each type fitted with a ceramic terminal block. Each thermocouple can be supplied with an adjustable or permanently sited process entry fitting with metric, BSP or NPT fittings or a range of welded flanges. We can also fit to each thermocouple head extension or compensating cables with or without standard and miniature connectors.

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