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Infrared Thermal Imaging & Measurement from DIAS Infrared

Industry Solutions with DIAS Infrared

Industry Solutions with DIAS Infrared

Infrared and thermal imaging cameras can be utilised in many processes as they provide a safe and contactless solution for hazardous and hard to reach areas. As a distributor of DIAS Infrared GmbH products, TMS Europe supply Infrared Pyrometers, Infrared Line Cameras, Thermal Imaging Cameras and other equipment.

Application Areas
  • Fire Detection
  • Metal Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Semiconductor and Solar Industry
  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Traffic Supervision
  • Combustion chamber monitoring
  • Research and Development
  • Human and Veterinary Medicine

Advantages of Infrared Measurement
  • Enables safe measurement of objects that are extremely hot, moving or hard to reach
  • Precise measurements; devices do not influence the temperature of the target object
  • Provides a non-destructive solution; no wear or abrasion to the measurement object or the measurement device

Industry Specific Products

PYROSPOT Pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement

The digital pyrometers PYROSPOT DT, DG, DS and DSF are specifically designed for industrial purposes and are particularly suitable for temperature measurement from -40°C to 2500°C on non-metallic surfaces and coated metallic surfaces. This range of digital pyrometers are useful for glass and ceramics, paper and packaging, furnace applications, the chemical industry and the food industry.
Non-contact temperature measurement of the Iron Stream

Non-contact temperature measurement of the Iron Stream

  • Several temperature ranges from -40C to 2500C
  • Adjusted spectral ranges for different applications
  • Fixed, vario and fibre cable optics
  • Robust housings with easy connection possibilities

The casting house measuring system consists of a digital ratio pyrometer PYROSPOT DSRF 44N combined with a display and evaluation unit and a customisable software. It is specially designed for industrial applications in casting houses for temperature measurements of the iron stream from 700°C.

The advantage of this system is its reliable temperature measurement even at very low and variable emissivities. A movement of the iron stream is balanced by the special optics that needs only a partial filling of the measuring field. The DSRF 44N detects from a distance of about 3 to 5m with an optical head, and to reduce influence of dust, the sensor head can be protected by an air purge adaptor and a sighting tube.

Alignment of the pyrometer to the measuring object is made simple with the integrated laser aiming light. Various parameters can be adjusted to the respective casting process with the special software. For every casting process a relevant average value is output. Occurring faults, e.g. during gating, are hidden.

The controller is programmed via an Ethernet interface and can be included in the remote maintenance. In this way it is possible to get access to the device during the production process, to optimize system settings and debug when necessary.

The standard 0/4 to 20mA temperature linear output signal is still available of course. The measuring temperature is displayed on a large LED display.

PYROLINE and PYROVIEW Line Cameras for the detection of temperature profiles

PYROLINE and PYROVIEW infrared line cameras allow high-speed non-contact measurement of temperature profiles and are specially designed for long-term use in fixed-mounted applications and are specifically suited for glass, wood, paper, plastics, gum, bulk materials, building materials (clay, brick), textiles, food and metals (non-ferous metals, rolled steel).
Pyrometers and infrared cameras for the glass industry

Pyrometers and infrared cameras for the glass industry

  • Temperature measurements from 0C to 1300C
  • Uncooled infrared line arrays (128 or 256 Pixel)
  • Compact housing IP54 or industry protection housing IP65

The digital pyrometers PYROSPOT DSF 30NG and DSF 34NG are especially designed for applications in glass industry, realising temperature measurement from 600°C to 1800°C in the glass tank, working end, forehearth and feeder.

The solid construction in robust cast housing with special mono fibre optics cable (up to 30m) allows usage even under rough environmental conditions and ambient temperatures of up to 250°C.

Several air purge units with inconel tubes of different lengths are available for the special optical head and can be mounted together. The lens can be easily cleaned or replaced.

In addition to the analogue output, the devices are equipped with a galvanically isolated interface (DSF 30NG: USB, DSF 34NG: RS485). Due to direct PC connection, parameters like emissivity, sub range and response time can be easily adjusted by using the comfortable parameterising and evaluation software PYROSOFT Spot.

Why choose DIAS Infrared Technology as your industry solution?

  • Worldwide unique product ranges tailored to your needs from simple pyrometer to complex thermography technology
  • Individual and professional advice, service and installation
  • Development, manufacturing, sales and service from one source
  • Qualified staff with long time experience in the field of infrared measuring technology

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