TMS Europe LtdTMS Europe Ltd is a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No.0461, as defined in our Schedule of Accreditation. As a UK manufacturer we're a member of Made in Britain.

DIAS Pyrospot 80 Hand-held Precision Infrared Pyrometers

DIAS Pyrospot 80 Hand-held Precision Infrared Pyrometers

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Optional UKAS Calibration available from £146

TMS Europe is a UKAS (ISO 17025) accredited calibration laboratory No. 0461. We offer this item with the option of a UKAS calibration certificate, at an additional cost, when ordered off-line. Please contact us with your requirements (calibration points, number of units) for a quote.

Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

The DIAS PYROSPOT 80 Series are portable hand-held digital infrared pyrometers are for precision non-contact measurement of high temperatures; from 250°C to 3000°C, specifically in heavy industry. Applications include iron and steel producing industries, metal industries, glass and ceramic industries, semiconductor industries and chemical industries.

Ratio pyrometer versions are available, that utilise the 2-colour system which has the advantage of measurement mostly unaffected by the emissivity of the target object, in the range 650°C to 3000°C.

  • 250C to 3000C (various models)
  • Fast response time; from 2ms
  • Measurement uncertainty 0.3% or 4C
  • Distance to spot ratio can give measurement spots as small 2mm
  • Easily focusable precision optics
  • Robust metal housing; IP40 rated protection

TMS Europe’s UKAS (ISO 17025) accredited calibration laboratory can calibrate infrared pyrometers at up to 1500°C and we also offer calibration and servicing on site.


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