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Watlow D4T Data Loggers range

Watlow D4T Data Loggers range

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Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

The Watlow F4T Controller with data logging replaces the D4T from 6/2024 and also offers control features.

The Watlow D4T data logger offers ease of use and wide range of field removable I/O modules for maximum design flexibility. Configurations can be customised to meet the scaling needs of a tremendous range of equipment and applications while providing exactly the hardware types required for compatibility. The D4T data logger also features a 4.3 inch (108mm), colour, graphical touch panel. Combining power, flexibility and functionality, while offering unmatched versatility and best-in-class ease of use.

  • Data Logging - CSV (Excel compatible) or encrypted option, 80MB internal storage, 0.1sec - 60min interval.
  • Graphical Trending - Up to 4 preset views with 6 trend lines (1 Trend view running at a time, started manually).
  • Batch Processing - Text indentication fields with barcode data entry.
  • 4.3" (108mm) Touchscreen - 480x272 pixels, 96x54mm.
  • 1/4 DIN size - 92x92mm panel cut-out, 120x104mm bezel.
  • Modular I/O Cards - up to 24 input channels in 6 module slots, relay alarm outputs, digital I/O. Including:
    • Typical Thermocouple, Pt100, Process signal inputs and Relay ouputs.
    • Thermistor input option - Offering superior accuracy at temperatures close to ambient. TMS can supply acompanying thermistors and calibration in our lab.
    • NO-ARC relay output option - Switch AC loads up to 15A @240V with greatly increased lifespan. Watlow combines a mechanical relay with solid state electronics for arc supresssion.
  • 4 main display pages, with up to 4 values each.
  • Customisable display list of up to 24 values.
  • USB & RJ45 Ethernet - Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP protocols.
  • Free PC Software for Configuration - Watlow COMPOSER - Graphical block diagram, connects easily via Ethernet, save and restore configruations. Data file decryption.



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