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Type K Plastic Melt Extruder Thermocouples

Type K Plastic Melt Extruder Thermocouples

TMS Stock Code:   PM/M/K-A-C-1-#-F

Tube Length
Plastic Melt Temperature Extruder Thermocouple - Tube Length: 3" (76mm)39.50
Plastic Melt Temperature Extruder Thermocouple - Tube Length: 6" (152.5mm)49.50

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Tube Length
Price (Ex VAT)Estimated
3" (76mm)
39.50 1 - 2 days 5
6" (152.5mm)
49.50 1 - 2 days 5

Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

If you require the true plastic melt temperature, with millisecond response time and no conduction errors caused by the themowell; refer to these specifically designed plastic melt probes. For true temperature indication and control of the plastic melt, these units will deliver your requirements.

Designed for use in extruder heads or die adapters of injection moulding machines, the sensor fitting is immersed 5mm into the plastic melt for optimum control. The high pressure thermowell sensor sheaths are manufactured from 321 stainless steel.

Standard units use type 'K' thermocouple junctions which are electrically grounded to the thermowell. The unit has a flexable 14" (355mm) armoured extention cable connected to a standard 2 pin thermocouple plug.

Sensor type: Type K thermocouple
Probe Diameter: 3mm
Tube material: 316 stainless steel
Tube length: 3" (76mm) or 6" (152.5mm)
Thread Size: 1/2" UNF

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