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Lutron TM-947SD Handheld 4ch. Thermocouple Data Logger

Lutron TM-947SD Handheld 4ch. Thermocouple Data Logger

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A 4 channel thermocouple data logger with SD card slot.

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Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

A hand-held digital thermometer which has four thermocouple input channels, via miniature sockets, and can measure six thermocouple types; E, J, K, S, R, T. Can log a virtually unlimited number of data points to an SD card up to 16GB capacity. Data is recorded onto the card in .xls format for opening in MS Excel without the need for other proprietary software. But if preferred PC software for analysis and data management is optionally available at extra cost. An SD card can also be ordered separately.

InputRangeMain Accuracy*Example
Type J-100 - 1150C0.4%+0.5C-
Type K-100 - 1300C0.4%+0.5C3.7C @800C
Type NNot available in this unit, if required, see our CHY 806A.
Type R0 - 1700C0.5%+3.0C9C @1200C
Type S0 - 1500C0.5%+3.0C-
Type T-100 - 400C0.4%+0.5C1.3C @200C
Type E-100 - 900C0.4%+0.5C-

*Main Accuracy: Applicable to central temperature range, for full accuracy details including the extremities of the ranges see the datasheet.

Windows PC software is option at extra cost, providing additional analysis features, but not required. An SD memory card is optional at extra cost, but most standard size SD cards of 1 to 16GB size should be compatible.

A version with UKAS ISO17025 calibration is also available.

Batteries (included): 6x 1.5V AA

  Lutron TM-947SD Handheld 4ch. Thermocouple Data Logger

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