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Omron E5_N-H, E5_N-HT Series Advanced Process Controllers

Omron E5_N-H, E5_N-HT Series Advanced Process Controllers

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Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

The Omron E5_N-H and E5_N-HT series are a high-performance process controller, offering high resolution, speed, and input accuracy.

It takes the proven features of Omron's popular E5_N controller to the next level of process control. The E5_N-H-series; E5CN-H (1/16 DIN), E5EN-H (1/8 DIN) and E5AN-H (1/4 DIN); has the same ease of installation and operation with the same menu structure as the E5_N series. Adding improved accuracy, speed and process control features.

The E5_N-HT-series (E5CN-HT (1/16 DIN), E5EN-HT(1/8 DIN) and E5AN-HT (1/4 DIN); are timed programmer versions with up to 8 programs of 32 segments each.

  • High-resolution display with 5 digits/0.01C display.
  • High-speed sampling cycle of 60 ms.
  • High Accuracy:
    • Thermocouple/Pt input: 0.1% of PV
    • Analogue input: 0.1% FS
  • Universal inputs on all models (thermocouple, RTD or analogue) to handle various sensors with one Controller.
  • Multi-colour display: Choice of PV colour, or change colour on alarm, or change to colour when stable
  • A PV/SV-status display function can be set to alternate displaying the PV or SV and the status of the Temperature Controller (auto/manual, RUN/STOP and alarms).
  • Bank Switching - can be used to give different PID terms at different temperatures or as a timed set-point program (8 banks)
  • RS-485 digital communications option
  • Flexible contact outputs with logic operations (AND, OR, and delays) set from the optional PC software (CX-Thermo)
  • Preventive maintenance for relays using a Control Output ON/OFF Counter.


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