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Omron E5CB - 1/16 DIN Temperature Controller

Omron E5CB - 1/16 DIN Temperature Controller

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Low cost, entry level, PID temperature controller, with 1 Output and 1 Alarm Relay. Ideal as an alarm unit or for basic temperature control.
Input: Thermocouple only
Supply Voltage: 100 to 240 Vac

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Model (Input, Control Output, Supply)

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Model (Input, Control Output, Supply)
Price (Ex VAT)Estimated
TC Input, Relay Output, 100-240Vac
139.00 1 - 2 days 23
TC Input, Relay Output, 24Vac/dc
139.00 1 - 2 days 4
TC Input, SSR Output, 100-240Vac
139.00 1 - 2 days 12
PRT Input, Relay Output, 100-240Vac
139.00 1 - 2 days 4

Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

Current prices whilst our current stock lasts.

The Omron E5CB is a low cost entry level PID temperature controller. It is ideal as an alarm unit or for heater temperature contol. The large 4 digit display shows the measured temperature in red and target temperature in green.

The controller has a choice of 10 alarm modes which activate the alarm relay (2nd output), the alarm is non-latching. The Run/stop function allows the control of the main output to be stopped, this done a via a front panel button. The controller features protection functions to hide or prevent changes to settings, so a supervisor can prevent operators from accessing functions such as Setpoint, Auto-tuning and Run/stop. The temperature input can be shifted to offset temperature sensor errors.

The E5CB doesn't support Type N thermocouples and the setpoint limits are defined by the sensor input range, if these features are needed consider the Omron E5CC.

  • Large bright display (16mm high for Process Value)
  • Short depth behind the panel - only 60mm!
  • 1 Control Output & 1 Alarm Relay
  • PID (with auto-tuning) or On/Off Control
  • IP66 Front Panel Water & Dust Protection

Sensor Input:
      TC: Thermocouple Type K, J, T, R, or S (no Type N)
      PRT: Pt100 (2-wire or 3-wire) Platinum Resistance Thermometer
      Relay Model: 1x SPST-NO Relay (250Vac, 3A), 1x SPST-NO Relay (250Vac, 1A)
      SSR Model: 1x SSR Driver Voltage (12Vdc +25%/-15%, max. load current: 21mA), 1x SPST-NO Relay (250Vac, 1A)
Supply Voltage:
      100-240Vac Model: 100 to 240 Vac (+10% -15%) 50/60 Hz
      24Vac/dc Model: 24 Vac (+10% -15%) 50/60 Hz, or 24 Vdc (+10% -15%)
IP Rating: IP66 (Front Panel)
Dimensions: 48x48x65mm (WxHxD)
Depth Behind Panel: 60mm

<Actinic:Variable Name = 'PDF'/>  View the Omron E5CB Brochure

<Actinic:Variable Name = 'PDF'/>  View the Omron E5CB Specification

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