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Omron CX-Thermo Software, for programing & monitoring temperature controllers

Omron CX-Thermo Software, for programing & monitoring temperature controllers


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Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

Omron’s CX-Thermo support software has been specially developed for use with Omron's: E5CC, E5EC, E5AC, E5GC, E5CC-T, E5AC-T, E5CN-H, E5EN-H, E5AN-H, E5ZN, E5AR, E5ER and CelciuXº temperature controllers. CX-Thermo enables faster parameter set-up, easier device adjustment and simpler maintenance. It dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to set and manage temperature control parameters.

  • Advanced parameter setting and editing
  • Batch-downloading functions
  • Graphical online monitoring of set point, process value and manipulated value
  • Graphical PID tuning tool is also included, providing a simple interface where the controller can be set to tune for optimum stability, reduced overshoot or better disturbance rejection

TMS offers Omron software for configuring and monitoring Omron controllers and accessories, including leads for controllers to computers.


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