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Hermetically Sealed Thermocouples

Hermetically Sealed Thermocouples

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Thermocouple TypeLength
Price (Ex VAT)Estimated
Type K 3m
33.00 1 - 2 days 4
Type K 5m
49.004 - 8 Weeks 0
Type T 3m
36.00 1 - 2 days 3
Type T 5m
49.004 - 8 Weeks 0

Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

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These Class 1 PFA insulated thermocouple wire sensors are hermetically seal-welded at the sensor tip to provide continuous PFA protection over the measurement junction. This unique design provides a small, flexible, and electrically isolated thermocouple, suited to a variety of applications. They have stripped bare tails (no plug).

  • Seal-Welded Tip
  • Highly Resilient to Chemicals and Oils
  • Electrically-Insulated Junction
  • Easily Cleaned and Sterilised
  • Small Size Provides a Fast Response
  • Rated to 250C (482F)
  • 7 Strands of 0.2mm dia PFA Insulated Thermocouple Wire
  • 1.6mm x 2.6mm Nominal Cross Section
  • Response Time (90%) = 9 Seconds Max in Water Flowing at 1 metre per Second

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