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Eurotherm nanodac 1/4 DIN Recorder / Controller (NANODAC/VH/_/_/LRR/..)

Eurotherm nanodac 1/4 DIN Recorder / Controller (NANODAC/VH/_/_/LRR/..)


The Eurotherm nanodac is a state of the art combined graphical recorder and PID controller, boasting 4 high accuracy universal inputs for data recording. With optional PID control, cascade control, programmer and Modbus TCP comms.
Input:   4x Universal (TC, Pt100, mA*, Volts, Digital)
Output:   1x SSR, 4x Relay
Digital Input:   2x Digital Event Input
Digital Communication:   Modbus TCP Slave Or Master (depending on model)
Supply Voltage:   100 to 240 Vac

Prices from:   £ 1,041

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All available options are shown below.
Price (Ex VAT)Estimated
None None Slave
1,041.00 1 - 2 days
None None Master
1,239.003 - 10 days
2 Controls Loops None Slave
1,198.003 - 10 days
2 Controls Loops None Master
1,396.003 - 10 days
2 Controls Loops Enabled Slave
1,614.003 - 10 days
2 Controls Loops Enabled Master
1,812.003 - 10 days
Advanced Control (inc. 2 Control Loops) None Slave
1,336.003 - 10 days
Advanced Control (inc. 2 Control Loops) None Master
1,534.003 - 10 days
Advanced Control (inc. 2 Control Loops) Enabled Slave
1,752.003 - 10 days
Advanced Control (inc. 2 Control Loops) Enabled Master
1,950.003 - 10 days

Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

The Eurotherm nanodac is a 4 channel recorder in a compact 1/4 DIN panel mounting size, with optional 2-loop control, advanced cascade control, programs and master comms over Ethernet.

The Eurotherm nanodac has four high accuracy universal inputs for data recording and an additional 30 virtual channels can be utilised to provide maths, counter, values from remote instruments (optional) and totaliser functionality within the instrument.. This secure data recording device is enhanced by a full colour, 3.5", 320 x 240 pixel, display to bring a crystal clear operator interface to even the smallest of machines. The nanodac has multiple real-time views and historical review on the product, multiple data archiving strategies are provided utilising onboard Flash memory, removable USB and data transfer via FTP to a specified server. The four universal input channels provide high accuracy (suitable for use in Nadcap AMS 2750 applications) and 125ms parallel sampling. Review software for Windows can also be used to automatically retrieve data to a Review database over the Ethernet network connection. Both Review and Dream Report software can be used for report generation that meets the needs of your process.

Control Options
The nanodac can also provide two independent control loops (optional). This control functionality utilises the advanced Eurotherm PID algorithm providing high performance and reliability to your process. Functionality includes one of the best autotune facilities available along with overshoot inhibition (cutbacks); compensation for power fluctuations using power feedforward; linear, fan, oil and water cooling. The Advanced Control optional offers cascade control loops with easy setup and tuning and allows the operator to set up individual set point ranges and tune the cascade loop.

Programs Option
nanodacs controllers can also have a Dual Programmer enabled, supporting up to 100 programs locally, each program supporting 25 segments.

Comms Option
All nanodacs include Ethernet communications as standard and can act as a 'Slave' device, allowing compatible instruments to access their current values using Modbus protocol. They can optionally be a 'Master' device and access other compatible instruments and retrieve and record current values from them.

  • 4 High accuracy universal inputs - for thermocouples, RTDs, Volts, mA, digital contacts
  • 15 / 30* virtual channels - maths functions, Modbus inputs*, totalisers or counters
  • Secure data recording - Eurotherm secure UHH format
  • 50MB internal memory
  • USB removable data storage facility - download data to a memory stick
  • Ethernet communications - for FTP or Review software access via a computer network
  • QVGA crystal clear display - 320 x 240 pixel, 3.5" colour TFT

Sensor Inputs (x4): Thermocouple, RTD, dc Volts, dc milli Volts (mV), dc milli Amps (mA), Digital (Contact closure)
Outputs: Digital (12V logic), 2 x Relays, 2 x Relays with shared common connection
Sample Rate: 8Hz (125ms)
Dimensions: 98 x 98 x102mm (WxHxD)
Panel cutout dimension: 92 x 92mm
Depth behind panel: 90mm (3.54 in) excluding wiring
Supply Voltage: 100 - 230V ac ±15% (48 to 62Hz)

*30 virtual channel and Modbus inputs require Comms Master option.

Further options, including low voltage supply, other outputs, specialist application blocks and dual input channels, are also available, contact us for more details.

<Actinic:Variable Name = 'PDF'/>  Eurotherm nanodac Datasheet

<Actinic:Variable Name = 'PDF'/>  Eurotherm nanodac Brochure

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