TMS Europe LtdTMS Europe Ltd is a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No.0461, as defined in our Schedule of Accreditation. As a UK manufacturer we're a member of Made in Britain.

Almemo 2490 Hand-held Measurement Instruments

Almemo 2490 Hand-held Measurement Instruments

Only available for
ordering off-line.
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Optional UKAS Calibration available from £82

TMS Europe is a UKAS (ISO 17025) accredited calibration laboratory No. 0461. We offer this item with the option of a UKAS calibration certificate, at an additional cost, when ordered off-line. Please contact us with your requirements (calibration points, number of units) for a quote.
(Price is for a temperaure system without adjustment.)

Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

1 or 2 Almemo input sockets

Measurement variables (depending on connectors used):

  • Thermocouples (K,N,J,T,S,R,B)
  • Humidity (4 channels per connector, e.g. Rh,Temp(RTD), Dewpoint, Mixture.)
  • Resistance Thermometers (up to 4-wire)
  • Rotational Speed
  • Voltage
  • Current

Resolution: 0.01
System accuracy: ±0.03% of measured value ±3 LSD


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