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Type T Hand-held Ribbon Surface Probe, 130mm long

Type T Hand-held Ribbon Surface Probe, 130mm long


Ribbon surface thermocouple probe with fast, accurate response, ideal for measuring small or thin objects. 8mm diameter, 130mm long sheath below the handle. 1m PVC lead with mini plug.

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Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

This ribbon surface thermocouple probe uses flat ribbon technology that enables fast, accurate response, within half a second, whilst ensuring minimal heat loss from the object being measured (which would lead to an accurate reading). This makes ideal accurate measure of small or thin objects, which have low thermal mass. The sheath is 8mm diameter and 130mm long below the handle. The lead is PVC insulated 1m long and terminated in a thermocouple mini plug.

Tip Temperature Range: -60 to 250°C

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