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4-wire Pt100 RTD Hand-held Air Probe, 4.7mm dia. x 120mm long, 2m PTFE lead

4-wire Pt100 RTD Hand-held Air Probe, 4.7mm dia. x 120mm long, 2m PTFE lead

TMS Stock Code:   RTD-4-47-120-2MAIR#

Connector Fitted

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Connector Fitted
Price (Ex VAT)Estimated
Bare tails
68.002 - 5 days 0
4-pin mini DIN
73.002 - 5 days 0
Connector for TM-917HA
78.002 - 5 days 0

Description and Specifications
Description and Specifications

A 4-wire Pt100 class A bulb in a 4.7mm diameter, 120mm long 316 stainless steel sheath, with 2m of PTFE lead, with stripped tails or connector. Designed for accurately measuring air or gas temperature, the Pt100 bulb is protected from damage by the metal sheath, but still exposed enough to the air flow to quickly detect changes in temperature.

With a suitable measurement instrument a 4-wire RTD can be measured more accurately than 2 or 3-wire RTDs, especially over long distances. Alternatively only 2 or 3 of the wires can be connected if your instrument doesn't support 4-wire measurement.

The version '4-pin mini DIN connector' is suitable for use with the Pico PT-104 PC based data logger and other instruments with the common 4-pin mini DIN socket.

The version with 'Connector for TM-917HA' is designed use with our TM-917HA Precision RTD & TC Thermometer, which is a low cost, high accuracy, hand-held digital indicator.

Tip Temperature Range: -100 - 450°C

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