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SNOL 1300°C Fibre Muffle Furnaces

[ SNOL 1300°C Fibre Muffle Furnaces ]



TMS Stock Code: FCESNOL10/1300LHM01

TMS offers SNOL 1300°C precision laboratory furnaces, designed for materials testing, heat treatment, ceramic and stoneware samples firing.

The furnaces can be used in laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios and industrial laboratories.

The chamber is made of high thermal efficiency vacuum-formed ceramic fibre, with heating elements exposed on ceramic tubes on both sides and a ceramic tile to protect the fibre base from wear.

These 1300°C muffle furnaces are the next temperature up from our 1100°C muffle furnace range and are therefore also normally suitable for replacing 1200°C muffle furnaces.

  • Omron E5CC PID temperature controller, featuring:
    • Displays measured value & setpoint
    • Basic Ramp+Dwell Program as standard
    • Large clear display
  • Lift up door for efficient use of work space and reduced safety risk for operators (from the hot door insulation)
  • Natural convection chimney as standard
  • Over-Temperature Protection as standard
  • Fast heating time due to low thermal mass construction
  • High thermal efficiency vacuum formed ceramic fibre chamber
  • Heating elements exposed on ceramic tubes on both sides
  • High quality thermal insulation materials used throughout
  • Ceramic bottom plate to protect fibre from wear
  • Low power consumption for low running costs due to energy savings
  • Good stability and uniformity

Appearance may vary from image shown.