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[ DIAS PYROSPOT 10 Series ]

The DIAS PYROSPOT 10 Series are digital infrared pyrometers with through lens sighting, display and RS485 interface for non-contact measurement of temperature from 50°C to 3000°C for industry and research. Applications include steel and metal industries, kiln engineering, hardening, welding, brazing and ceramics industries.

The digital ratio pyrometers PYROSPOT DSR 10N utilize the 2-colour system which has the advantage of measurement widely independent from the emissivity in range from 600°C to 3000°C. Our digital pyrometers PYROSPOT DSR 10NF can be specially used for measuring the temperature of lighting flames with variable soot parts in the temperature range from 60°C to 3000°C. These models are often used for infrared temperature measurement in incinerators.

  • 50°C to 3000°C
  • Short response time from 1.5ms
  • Measurement uncertainty 0.5%
  • 4 to 20mA (0 to 20mA) adjustable output
  • Display and keyboard, to adjust the ratio correction (DSR 10N) or the soot factor (DSR 10NF)
  • Temperature and emissivity display and keys
  • Various optics, with spot sizes from 1.2mm
  • Through-lens sighting or LED or laser aiming light
  • Optional colour camera with video output
  • RS485-interface for pyrometer configuration and monitoring with PYROSOFT Spot software
  • Compact housing, 54 mm × 54 mm × 170 mm, protection IP 65
  • Models with fibre optics available


Model Spectral Response Temperature Range Response Time
PYROSPOT DPE 10M [ PDF ] 3.0 µm to 5.0 µm 20°C to 1000°C 1.5ms
PYROSPOT DP 10N [ PDF ] 2.0 µm to 2.8 µm 50°C to 1200°C 1.5ms
PYROSPOT DGE 10N[ PDF ] 2.0 µm to 2.6 µm 100°C to 1200°C 2ms
PYROSPOT DG 10N [ PDF ] 1.5 µm to 1.8 µm 250°C to 2500°C 2ms
PYROSPOT DS 10N [ PDF ] 0.8 µm to 1.1 µm 600°C to 3000°C 2ms

Ratio Pyrometers (Two Colour Pyrometers)

Model Spectral Response Temperature Range Response Time
PYROSPOT DSR 10N [ PDF ] 0.7 µm to 1.1 µm 600°C to 3000°C 5ms
PYROSPOT DSR 10NF [ PDF ] 0.7 µm to 1.1 µm 600°C to 3000°C 5ms