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DIAS PYROSPOT 30/34 Series

[ DIAS PYROSPOT 30/34 Series ]

The DIAS PYROSPOT 30 & 34 are digital infrared pyrometers with digital interface and 2-wire linear output for non-contact temperature measurement in industrial glass applications. They can used from 600 to 1800°C in glass tank, working end, fore-hearth and feeder applications. The pyrometer’s parameters can be set with the configuration and monitoring PYROSOFT Spot software.

  • Measurement range from 600°C to 1800°C
  • 0.8µm to 1.1µm spectral response range especially for the glass industry
  • Response times from 10ms
  • 2-wire 4 to 20mA linear temperature output
  • Fixed optics head on a mono fibre optics cable
  • Head for ambient temperatures up to 250°C and air purge options
  • Galvanically isolated USB interface (DSF 30NG) or RS485 interface (DSF 34NG) for pyrometer configuration and monitoring with PYROSOFT Spot software
  • Robust case housing offering IP65 rated protection

[ PDF ] DIAS Pyrospot DSF 30NG and 34NG