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PYROVIEW 640 Series

[ PYROVIEW 640 Series ]

The DIAS PYROVIEW 640 series compact infrared cameras provides instant non-contact measurement of 2D temperature distributions with high thermal and excellent spatial resolution. The cameras are specially designed for long term use in industrial environments. Different temperature and spectral ranges, measurement frequencies, fields of view and interface types are available.

  • Three temperature ranges -20°C to 500°C, 600°C to 1500°C or 600°C to 2500°C
  • Two spectral ranges: 0.8μm to 1.1μm or 8μm to 14μm
  • Sensor Resolution of 640 x 480 pixels
  • Measurement frequency 50 or 25 frames per second
  • Aluminium compact housing, IP54 rated or Robust housing, IP65 rated

[ PDF ] DIAS Pyroview 640L Compact