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Instrument Enclosures & Accessories

[ Instrument Enclosures & Accessories ]

TMS manufacture a selection of enclosures suitable for housing a variety of process control panel mount instruments.

Most have fronts with multiple instrument DIN cut-out sizes pre-punched in the metal, ready to be customised to the user’s requirements. They also have cut-outs for switches, neon indicators, thermocouple sockets, power connections and comms connectors. Some cases have feet, wall mounting or carry handle options. Some of these can be found in the Instrument Mounting Enclosures page on our Webshop

Whilst the parts can bought individually we also happy to quote ‘bare-bones’ units (without the instruments, but ready for them to be fitted and connected up) or as complete units with instruments. Also see our Bespoke Temperature Control Panels.

We also offer adaptors for mounting controllers and indicators in panel cut-outs of a different size. See the Instrument Panel Mounting Adaptors page on our Webshop for more details.

Other accessories include DIN rail mount thermocouple terminals and Relays, Contactors & SSRs.