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CALgrafix Software & Comms Modules for 3300 & 9500P

[ CALgrafix Software & Comms Modules for 3300 & 9500P ]

CALgrafix software can be used with CAL controllers allowing you to perform logging, charting, alarm indication and configuration in a simple Windows interface.

CALgrafix is cost-effective process monitoring and controller configuration software that provides added value to using CAL’s range of process and temperature controllers. Features such as logging, charting, alarm indication, networking and configuration are integrated within a simple Windows based user interface.

CALgrafix is ideal in applications where there is a requirement to monitor and record temperature or other process values. Examples: process data for manufacturing reporting, quality control, health and safety purposes or OEM system development.

The software can be used with CAL 3300 and CAL 9500P controllers that are fitted with a comms module. These controllers can be ordered from TMS with the comms module fitted or comms modules can ordered and retro-fitted to existing controllers by the customer.

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CALgrafix Professional Software

This software is now available as free download from the West-CS website:

CAL Comms Module – RS-485

CAL Comms Module for CAL 3300 or CAL 9500P controller. RS-485 can be used over long distances, in electrically noisy environments and multiple controllers can connected to the network in a linear, or multi-drop, configuration. A converter is normally need to connect the RS-485 to a computer.



CAL Comms Module – RS-232

CAL Comms Module for CAL 3300 or CAL 9500P controller. RS-232 can be used for connecting a single controller to another device, such as a computer. A RS-232 to USB converter may needed with modern desktop computers and most laptops.