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Tensile Test Furnaces

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We manufacture and repair material testing furnaces, such as creep test furnaces and stress rupture furnaces, and also produce a range of temperature control systems for these and other specialist applications.

We currently offer three design categories as standard models; cylindrical tube, split tube (half-shell) and split rectangular. In addition to our standard ranges, we can often manufacture bespoke units to spec. All our standard models are 3-zone to ensure good uniformity across the test sample, but we can also offer single zone models if required.

Whilst we don’t supply mounting systems or tensile test rigs, the mountings of our furnaces are often compatible with existing equipment and mounting ancillaries.

TMS Europe offers a range of control systems for use with our range of tensile test furnaces (used for creep test, stress rupture test, etc). Our standard ‘MetTest’ range provides precise and stable temperature control of 3 furnace zones. We can also provide bespoke solutions to meet your requirements, including phase-angle output, automatic 3-zone PID control, recording and LED bargraph power indicators.

PDF Tensile Test Furnaces Datasheet

PDF Tensile Test Furnace Control Systems Datasheet