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Almemo Universal Measurement Systems

[   Almemo Universal Measurement Systems ]

What’s so special about the Almemo system? – You only need one measuring instrument to measure almost any application – only the sensor needs to be changed, that’s what!

[ Almemo Connector]
As soon as a sensor is connected, each Almemo measuring instrument automatically recognises the measuring range and the measured value. When the sensor is changed no modifying of settings is required.

All thermocouples, resistance thermometer sensors and associated indicators have errors, for example, a Type K thermocouple or Pt100 RTD measuring 240°C could have an error of up to ±1.5°C and still be within Class 1 and Class B tolerance (respectively). The patented Almemo connector overcomes these problems with an incorporated memory chip making it possible to store calibration information for the sensor. Consequently, TMS Europe’s state-of-the-art UKAS accredited calibration laboratory can calibrate the system and program out any sensor errors, giving you a system with virtually no error and a UKAS Certificate of Calibration to prove it!

Almemo measuring instruments can acquire virtually any measurable variables and master any measuring task. You only need one measuring device to manage a wide variety of sensors and applications. Almemo measuring instruments are extraordinarily flexible and can be used in all technical fields. Almemo AMR software is supplied free-of-charge with every Almemo measuring instrument.

[ Almemo 2490 Hand-held Measurement Instruments ]

Almemo 2490 Hand-held Measurement Instruments

1 or 2 Almemo input sockets
Resolution: 0.01
More than 65 standard measuring ranges
Memory for up to 100 measured values

[ ALMEMO 2690-8 Hand-held Data Logger Instruments ]

ALMEMO 2690-8 Hand-held Data Logger Instruments

5 Almemo input sockets
Resolution: 0.01
Data logger, 2 outputs, RS232, Ethernet, analog

[ Almemo Sensors ]

Almemo Sensors

Temperature sensors and other sensors with Almemo connectors.


Almemo Connectors

Almemo connectors for temperature sensors.


[ Almemo Accessories ]

Almemo Accessories

A selection of accessories for Almemo instruments.