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At TMS Europe you will find we have an in-depth working knowledge of almost every type of electrical oven or furnace used in laboratories and industry today. This first hand experience has been gained through many years of dedicated service to our customers, who rely on us to resolve technical issues with their furnaces and ovens.

TMS Europe are the main UK and Eire distributor for SNOL, one of the largest European manufacturers of laboratory and small production furnaces and ovens, which we’ve stocked since 2008. Adding these to TMS’s own specialist portfolio and options, gives our customers unrivalled choice at competitive prices. We also manufacture material testing furnaces, such as creep test furnaces, and also produce a range of temperature control systems for these and other specialist applications.

As part of our commitment to help our aerospace customers meet the requirements of heat treatment specifications, such as AMS 2750 and RPS 953, we offer high performance models customised and certified to meet these standards.