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EzzyCal – 2750 Thermocouple Calibrator

[ EzzyCal - 2750 Thermocouple Calibrator ]



TMS Stock Code: EZZYCAL-2750-UKAS

TMS Europe’s EzzyCal – 2750 is a hand-held thermocouple calibrator that is highly accurate, robust and user-friendly. It has been designed to meet the requirements of AMS 2750F as a Secondary Standard Instrument for laboratory use, or as a Field Test Instrument in a production environment. It simplifies commissioning and calibrating thermocouple temperature sensors, transmitters and instrumentation.

As process transmitters and other sensors become more and more reliable and accurate, the performance of thermocouple calibrators must also become more accurate and versatile. That’s why the EzzyCal – 2750 provides high accuracy and comes with its own, unique, UKAS (ISO 17025) certificate of calibration attesting to its accuracy.

It’s at home in the standards laboratory, but will also stand up to the rigours of plant use without losing its inherent readability and accuracy. The EzzyCal – 2750 is well suited to different process and calibration procedures thanks to its multiple ranges and advanced functions such scaling, present ramping and steps, all of which can be quickly and easily configured by the user as the job requires.

Another of its advanced features is data logging, with the ability to look back at recorded temperature data as a list of results or a trend graph.