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TMS UBC2010 Block Calibrator

[ TMS UBC2010 Block Calibrator ]




The UBC2010 Block Calibrator uses interchangeable sleeve inserts to fit the widest range of popular large temperature sensor probe and thermostat diameters. The main pocket is 19.5mm in diameter and is available with a range of sleeves to fit various large diameter probes. The convenient size of the UBC2010 means true portability.

Because the UBC2010’s block is fan assisted, it heats, cools and stabilises in minutes – much quicker than its larger competitors. It also features a test circuit and buzzer for accurately checking thermostat switching temperatures.

Its low cost, accuracy and versatility make it at home in the factory, quarry or commercial premises that requires setting or validation of temperature equipment.

Other mains plugs can be specified when ordering. UKAS (ISO17025) calibration is available as an optional extra.

Temperature Range: 50 to 500°C
Accuracy: ±0.5 to 0.8°C (see datasheet for full details)