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TMS UBC1001 Block Calibrator

[ TMS UBC1001 Block Calibrator ]



TMS Stock Code: UBC1001/2/240/C

The UBC1001 Sub-zero Block Calibrator is designed for checking the accuracy of temperature sensors, thermometers and thermostats. It’s compact size, versatility, lower cost, and yet high accuracy, make it ideal for use as part of your quality and traceability regime in the factory or the laboratory.

It uses solid-state peltiers to cool the block, down to 35 degrees below ambient, and so doesn’t need any refrigerant or compressors. It has two 13mm clearance pockets in its block, which interchangable sleeves for different probe sizes. In the Standard Kit 4 sleeves for common probes sizes are included.

UKAS calibration is available as an optional extra.

Temperature Range:
-15 (35°C below ambient) to 125°C
±0.25°C (see datasheet for full details)