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TMS BC2001 Block Calibrator

[ TMS BC2001 Block Calibrator ]




The BC2001 Block Calibrator is designed to check the accuracy of sensors and thermometers and its hand-held size means true portability, even to the tightest corner of your plant.

It’s simple and convenient to use, and even at 350°C its stainless steel case is cool enough to hold in your hand. Because the BC2001’s aluminium block is fan assisted it heats, cools and stabilises in minutes – much quicker than many larger block calibrators.

The BC2001’s low cost, high accuracy and hole-to-hole uniformity of better than ±1°C* make it ideal for use as part of your quality and traceability regime in the factory or the laboratory.

There is a choice of two fixed blocks with different pocket arrangements to cater for customers’ needs. Other supply voltages and mains plugs can also be specified. Be sure to state block type and operating voltage when ordering. UKAS calibration is available as an optional extra.

Temperature Range: 35 to 350°C