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Dry Well Block Calibrators

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TMS Europe manufactures a range of highly accurate dry-well Block Calibrators for the calibration of temperature sensors. We offer small hand-held and larger portable models with temperature ranges up to 500°C and sub-zero models down to -25°C (35 degrees below ambient).

A TMS Block Calibrator is a valuable tool for calibration and validation of thermocouples, resistance thermometers and thermostats. Simply insert your temperature probes into a pocket of the metal block, set the temperature on the digital controller, then wait a short period for the PID controller to stabilise the block at the set temperature. Probe readings can either be compared to the controller/indicator measured temperature or, for greater accuracy, compared with a calibrated reference thermometer standard inserted in the block. An ideal reference thermometer standard is an Almemo indicator and probe UKAS calibrated with no error also available from TMS.

We offer optional UKAS (ISO 17025) calibration and surveys of our Block Calibrators, as well as a choice of supply voltage and plug to suit your location. With a wide range of models and options to suit your needs, TMS Europe’s calibration heat sources are ideal for calibration work, on-site or in the laboratory, or as part your quality and traceability regime, such as for ISO9001, HACCP, HTM2010, etc.

Our Block Calibrators accept probes of various sizes, and our UBC series uses a range of interchangeable sleeve inserts to best fit your probes. The UBC2001 and UBC2010 models also feature a Thermostat Test Circuit that indicates when a connected thermostat switch has opened or closed; letting you check what temperature it is switching at.

For performing higher temperature calibrations see our Portable Calibration Furnaces, which are designed for on-site temperature calibration between 400 and 1100°C.

[ TMS BC2001 Block Calibrator ]

TMS BC2001 Block Calibrator

A small hand-held model, available with 4 or 6 pockets, which are 100mm deep, to accept probes of various sizes. Supplied with a carry case.

Temperature Range: 35 to 350°C


[ TMS UBC2001 Block Calibrator ]

TMS UBC2001 Block Calibrator

This small hand-held model has a 13.3mm pocket to take its four supplied interchangeable sleeve sizes and a 6.3mm pocket, which are 100mm deep. It features a thermostat test circuit. Supplied with a carry case.

Temperature Range: 35 to 350°C


[ TMS UBC1001 Block Calibrator ]

TMS UBC1001 Block Calibrator

This large hand-held model has two 13.3mm pockets, which are 100mm deep, to take its four supplied interchangeable sleeve sizes.

Temperature Range: -15 (35°C below ambient) to 125°C


[ TMS UBC2010 Block Calibrator ]

TMS UBC2010 Block Calibrator

A mid-sized, highly portable, high temperature block calibrator. It has 3.2mm and 6.3mm pockets, and a 19.3mm pockets which takes interchangeable sleeves. It features a thermostat test circuit.

Temperature Range: 50 to 500°C