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Process Calibrators with UKAS Calibration

[] TMS Europe offers a range hand-held of process calibrators & temperature sensor simulators. They are now all available for ordering online on our Webshop, complete with UKAS calibration, for £299 each!


VA710 Thermocouple Calibrator

The popular VA710 temperature calibrator performs two functions for the 9 most common thermocouple types. In Input Mode, it accurately measures the milliVolt signals produced by thermocouple sensors and probes and displays them as a temperature. In Output Mode, you set the required temperature and it accurately generates its own milliVolt signal to simulate a thermocouple signal to an instrument (such as a digital thermometer, chart recorder, temperature controller, PLC, etc).

Should you need better accuracy, we also offer the EzzyCal – 2750 Thermocouple Calibrator which is designed for AMS 2750 aerospace spec applications.

VA720 Pt100 RTD Calibrator

The VA720 Pt100 simulator performs measure and source functions for resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), covering 7 types, including Pt100 and Pt1000, in 4-wire, 3-wire and 2-wire configuration. Like the VA710 does for thermocouples, it can accurately measure Pt100 probes and also inject electrical signals into most types of instruments to simulate a Pt100 signal.

VA700 Volt/mA Process Calibrator

The VA700 is a Current and Voltage process calibrator for various industrial sensors, transmitters and instruments. It measures and simulates 0-24mA signals for current loops, either as milliAmp values or as a percentage of the 4 to 20mA range. It also measures and simulates 0-15 volts (dc). For current, it works with externally powered loops or provides its own 24V loop power. Measurements using these types of signal include, contact temperature (via transmitters for thermocouples & Pt100s), infrared non-contact temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, level and many more.

These instruments are very useful tools for calibrating, checking accuracy or fault-finding temperature and process equipment in many industrial applications. An optional mains power supply adaptor is available, which may prove helpful for use in a lab or workshop. We can also offer calibration of your existing calibration and test equipment in our UKAS accredited calibration lab.

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