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Omron Temperature Controllers stocked by TMS

[] TMS Europe stocks a range of modern Omron temperature controllers in a number sizes. Including the new Omron E5GC 1/32 DIN size controller.

Omron E5_C Series Controllers

The Omron E5_C family of process controllers have modern design, with bright, clear LCD displays, an abundance of outputs and compact size. All feature a universal process input (T/C, Pt100, mA, Volts).

snol_60-300lfn_3The large high contrast LCD screen of these models is easily read from most angles and in bright light, with the E5AC having 1″ (25mm) high digits for viewing at a greater distance. The display can also flash messages to alert to the operator of an alarm or the end of the ramp/dwell program.

The «PF button makes changing the setpoint much quicker, it selects the digit to be changed, so it can be incremented in 1s, 10s, 100s, or 1000s. Changing the set point now takes 5 seconds instead of 50 seconds. Alternatively the button can be re-configured to acknowledge alarms or switch between Run & Stop mode.

These controllers can be configured using computer software via a USB lead, without requiring mains power. All models have a config socket behind the panel, while the E5AC also has benefit of a front panel connection. With Omron’s powerful CX-Thermo configuration and monitoring software it makes set up of large quantities by OEMs or changes and replacement on a plant much easier.

omron_cx-thermo-software_2The controllers’ logic functions can be configured via the software to combine alarms and digital event inputs by using logic operations (AND, OR, NOT etc) and basic timing functions (on-delay, off-delay) to control auxiliary outputs and functions.

All models have a basic timed program, consisting a single program with 1 ramp to setpoint and 1 timed dwell at setpoint. The E5CC-T and E5AC-T timer/profiler models are also available for ordering, with up to 8 programs with 32 segments (ramp, dwell, etc) each.

Omron E5GC Controller – 1/32 DIN – £130
3 Outputs – SSR driver, 2 Relays (with shared common)
1 digital event input

Omron E5CC Controller – 1/16 DIN – from £140
Short depth behind the panel – only 60mm!
4 Outputs – SSR driver, 3 Relays (with shared common)
Optional 4 digital event inputs

Omron E5AC Controller – 1/4 DIN – £196
1″ high process value digits!
Short depth behind the panel – only 60mm!
5 Outputs – SSR driver, 4 Relays (with shared common pairs)TMS Omron E5CCi

TMS Omron E5CCi Indicator – 1/16 DIN – £94
Indication only, no outputs, no alarms.
Short depth behind the panel – only 60mm!

Omron USB Converter Lead – £90
Omron CX-Thermo Software – £90

Omron E5CN-H

For more complex applications, the Omron E5CN-H Advanced Process Controller is available, with 5 digit display colour changing display, multiple PID terms for different temperatures and timed program.

Colour changing display. Left to right; Process Value below Set-point, Process Value within stable band, Process Value above Set-point.


TMS Europe also manufactures temperature sensors and can supply thermocouples, as well as, SSRs and Omron contactors with your controller. Configuration of controllers by TMS before despatch is optionally available.

Prices correct at time of writing.

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