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TMS Europe launches the EzzyCal – 2750 Thermocouple Calibrator

[] TMS Europe's new EzzyCal - 2750 is a thermocouple calibrator designed to meet the requirements of AMS 2750D as a Secondary Standard for laboratory or field tests. It meets and surpasses the requirements of AMS 2750D's 'Table 3' (Secondary Standard Instrument) specifications of ±0.3°F (±0.2°C) or ±0.05% of reading. As well as a remarkable specification, it boasts a remarkable price, complete with UKAS calibration.

TMS Europe has recently introduced a new state of the art thermocouple calibrator, the EzzyCal – 2750. Primarily designed for use in the demanding aerospace industry; it fills a niche in the market where NADCAP auditors are keen to make sure Field Test Instruments (thermocouple calibrators and other measurement equipment) meet the AMS 2750D requirements of accuracy.

Auditors are particularly vigilant when it comes to traceability of instruments; the EzzyCal – 2750 comes complete with an internationally recognised, ISO 17025/2005, UKAS certificate of calibration, which is included in the price. Uniquely in its price bracket, the EzzyCal – 2750 meets the onerous accuracy requirements of the AMS 2750D specification as a Secondary Standard Instrument for laboratory calibrations.

A major aero engineering manufacturer (having identified the costs of meeting the AMS 2750D requirements) recently authorised a company of consulting engineers to look at containing costs. As part of their remit the consulting engineers identified the EzzyCal – 2750, with its unique features, as a possible site-standard for multi-site use by the company. Of particular interest was the EzzyCal – 2750’s ability to be used as a laboratory instrument (which is ISO 17025 calibrated every 12 months) and used to perform calibrations every 3 months on Field Test Instruments (other EzzyCal – 2750’s or other calibrators) that are used on the plant, as the AMS 2750D specification dictates.

An EzzyCal – 2750 being used as the Secondary Standard Instrument in the laboratory can be programmed to ramp and dwell at specific temperatures and then connected an the EzzyCal – 2750 Field Test Instruments (used on the plant) that are set to data-log at the required rate. This gives a semi-automated calibration method allowing calibrations to be carried out quickly and efficiently and leaves personnel free to get on with other tasks whilst still maintaining traceability and meeting NADCAP auditors’ requirements for AMS 2750D.

Many other auditing authorities in nuclear, petro-chemical, automotive, food, dairy, cement and refractory industries see the value of the EzzyCal – 2750’s guaranteed accuracy and traceability as a key reason for purchasing the units.

The EzzyCal – 2750 is guaranteed to maintain its accuracy for 12 months and competitively priced ISO 17025 UKAS re-calibration after 12 months (and optional adjustment to spec if required) is available from TMS Europe.

Some of its other useful attributes are:

  • Delay function – Gives the engineer time to get to the instrument control panel being calibrated before the ramp begins
  • Ramps – Can be generated, with setting of low and high dwell, rising and falling times, and stabilisation and delay times.
  • Synthesizer mode – Allows the sending of predefined values at timed intervals.
  • Scaling – Allows for correction of probe errors. Scaling is performed using up to 10 segments, in order to fit with the real calibrated value.
  • Data Logging – Data can be recorded manually, on event or automatically at timed intervals. The stored data is dated and can be displayed as lists or graphical curves.
  • Statistics – Minimum, maximum and average measured values are shown at the bottom of the display. A reset function allows for re-calculating of the values, as required.
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