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Process Calibrators with UKAS Calibration

TMS Europe offers a range hand-held of process calibrators & temperature sensor simulators. They are now all available for ordering online on our Webshop, complete with UKAS calibration, for £299 each! Read full article…

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TMS Europe launches the EzzyCal – 2750 Thermocouple Calibrator

TMS Europe’s new EzzyCal – 2750 is a thermocouple calibrator designed to meet the requirements of AMS 2750D as a Secondary Standard for laboratory or field tests. It meets and surpasses the requirements of AMS 2750D’s ‘Table 3’ (Secondary Standard Instrument) specifications of ±0.3°F (±0.2°C) or ±0.05% of reading. As well as a remarkable specification, it boasts a remarkable price, complete with UKAS calibration. Read full article…

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