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Portable Thermal Imaging from Satir

[ Portable Thermal Imaging from Satir ]

Industry Solutions with SATIR Infrared

SATIR Infrared

Infrared can be applied to many processes as it provides a safe and sound contactless solution for hazardous and hard to reach areas. SATIR’s range of affordable and versatile thermal imaging cameras are compact and ergonomically designed making them suitable for any industry.

Application Areas

  • Power Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Surveillance
  • Fire Detection
  • Night Vision
  • Research and Development
  • Human and Veterinary Medicine

Advantages of Infrared Measurement

  • Enables safe measurement of objects that are extremely hot, moving or hard to reach
  • Precise measurements; devices do not influence the temperature of the target object
  • Provides a non-destructive solution; no wear or abrasion to the measurement object or the measurement device

Industry Specific Products

Thermal Imaging in the Power Industry

Thermal imaging technology has many advantages in the running status of electric power equipment and detection of equipment on the basis of thermal distribution. The advantage is that it provides an uninterrupted, non contact, long distance, and fast solution for the measurement of temperature profiles.

Thermal images provide a true portraiture of the running state of the power station and the distribution of temperature on the equipment which is in operation. This enables the precise and accurate judgement of whether the state of the heat distribution is normal or abnormal, meaning the use of thermal images is an excellent way to analyse and accurately diagnose equipment to find any hidden defects.


E8 Series Entry Level Infrared Thermometers

  • Affordable, compact and versatile
  • Temperature range -20 to 250°C
  • Duo-vision technology through thermal and visual blending
  • A range of Measurement Modes – movement spots, auto hold/cold spot, profile, 5 area boxes, isotherm
  • Optional PC software for real-time transfer of radiometric data recording and analysis

Thermal Imaging in the Petrochemical Industry

Thermal cameras can help test and maintain the facility without affecting the production status. They also help save a lot of investment and avoid casualties.

Critical materials and finished products in many containers, such as chemical and biochemical reactors and storage tanks, often need to be stored with protection.


More importantly, in some production processes, we should pay close attention to the temperature of the containers, to prevent them from exceeding a certain temperature.

The SATIR range of thermal cameras give you an early detection of fire caused by lightning and overheating.

Why choose SATIR as your industry solution?

  • Over 20 years of experience in producing infrared cameras
  • Committed to supplying customers with complete cameras, software and solutions that can be applied to all fields in a range of industries
  • Ability to design and build systems to customer requirements using a variety of products and provide excellent after-sale support

Hand-held Thermal Imaging Cameras

For further information you can contact our SATIR Representative James Driver on 01433 620535 or e-mail Learn more about the SATIR range of products we offer.

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