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YC Hand-held Data Logger Thermocouple Thermometer

[ YC Hand-held Data Logger Thermocouple Thermometer ]




The YCT YC-747UD is a hand-held digital thermometer which has four thermocouple inputs, via miniature connectors, and can measure seven thermocouple types; E, J, K, N, S, R, T (all channels will measure the set type).

The instruments can record measurements from all channels, logging up to 10,000 measurements per channel with full time and date recorded, which can be downloaded to a computer, via USB, and viewed using the supplied Windows software. Alternatively, with the data logger connected in PC mode, readings can be taken directly by PC and stored in the software, with intervals as fast as every second. The data can be saved directly into Microsoft Excel (.xls) file format for further analysis.

It can used with many of our standard thermocouples that have a mini plug. UKAS calibration is optionally available at extra cost, please contact us with your requirements.